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Renovations Simplified
GENERAL INFO – MCK’s scope of work does not include removal of existing tops (unless otherwise arranged), plumbing, gas fitting, electrical work, carpentry or tile work.
It is common for laminate countertops to be a different thickness than your new stone top. You may see gaps at the tile/mirror, there may be a strip of exposed wood along the top of the cabinets where the old top “rolled down”, your appliance garage or hanging cabinets may not fit properly once the old tops are removed.
Any cabinet modifications that MCK has requested (i.e. scooping gables to accommodate the sink) need to be completed prior to install. Our installers are equipped with stone fabrication tools and do not necessarily possess proper tools for cabinet modification. Should you request that we cut the gables for you, please be advised that the cuts will be quite rough. We will not accept any back charges relating to damages to cabinets/gables caused by this service.
Please expect drywall damage to the area around the granite install. If you are keeping your existing tile/mirror there may also be minor tile/mirror damage. MCK will not accept any back charges relating to these damages.
MCK only silicones where our stone touches our stone (i.e.: between the counter and a granite splash) or where our stone meets a finished gable.
MCK offers no compensation for time lost during your renovation with us. Appointments occur Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.
PAYMENT – Initial payment of 40% will be taken either at time of ordering material or templating, whichever occurs earlier. Final payments will be collected the morning of your scheduled install per the note on your Pre-Authorization form (where applicable).
TEMPLATE – MCK requires that your existing countertops be removed prior to template.
If you are replacing your backsplash please also have at least the bottom row of tile removed. Please note that MCK does not accept any responsibility for ill-fitting countertops or small gaps around the tile due to issues resulting from templates created over existing backsplash. Acceptable tolerance for gaps is ¼” in non-tiled, 3/8” in tiled areas.
Cabinets must be fully secured, have support brackets fully installed, and finish panels in place.
Please move your stove out of the kitchen to ensure accurate measurement of the cabinet opening.
Please have the floor and pathway to and including the templating area, clear of obstructions (i.e.: tools, baseboards, finishing materials etc.).
Please have any pets in a secured location.
If MCK is required to take any sink from the home so that it can be templated, the sink must be packaged in a box. If not, MCK will take the sink but will not assume any responsibility should the sink become damaged. The sink will be returned with the finished countertops at the time of installation.
All changes or special requests must be made through your coordinator in writing. No changes will be accepted verbally or via the templater. You are welcome to discuss options with our field staff but please follow up with an email to your coordinator to ensure changes are completed.
Templaters are not responsible for completing any of the above preparations and your template may be rescheduled if not prepared properly.
INSTALL – Please have the driveway, front steps and entry way clear of any ice/snow or any other objects that are potentially hazardous.
Remove existing appliances from the room as well as any other construction materials (i.e.: tools, baseboards, finishing materials etc.) MCK will not move appliances and will not accept back charges for scratches or damages to appliances that were not moved prior to install. If you have new appliances being delivered, please arrange for the delivery after the stone is installed.
If MCK is not already in possession of your sink, please ensure it is on site by your install date. Any return trips required due to sinks not being on site at the time MCK installs can result in further charges up to $250. If MCK agrees to undermount a top mount sink for you, please be advised this will void your manufacturer’s warranty. It may be necessary to cut the rim of the sink to make it under mountable or to allow room for your faucet installation. This is done as a courtesy and therefore we will not accept any back charges or responsibility for your voided warranty and will not cover the cost of the new sink if it breaks when being cut.
Plumbing drains must be removed down to the P-Trap for your new undermount sink to fit.
Installers are not responsible for completing any of the above preparations and your install may be rescheduled if not prepared properly.
AFTER INSTALL – MCK will leave your house “broom clean”. In the event that cuts need to be made in the home (cooktops, notches around door trim) it is normal to see dust settling for a day or two after your install. We will not accept any back charges for cleaning services required after our install or service calls.
Undermount sinks require 24 hours for the adhesives to fully cure. Please book your plumber to hook up the plumbing after this time frame. MCK will not attach your dishwasher to the underside of your stone.