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Mark and Jenn Tilley’s kitchen renovation they’ll never forget

Dark stained birch wood raised panel angled kitchen island

Sometimes we are measured by what we overcome.

Mark and Jenn were looking for a kitchen renovation. They took their style cues from existing furniture that we matched perfectly. A painted kitchen and stained island design were uniquely created for their new home.

Prior to the install, an exhaust vent was installed in the wrong place, so we made changes on the fly. The flooring company damaged the new cabinets during their installation and ultimately did not finish the job. We fixed what was damaged and continued to work with Mark and Jenn to overcome the contractor issues they faced. A satisfied client is what is most important.

They wrote to our designer:

“Further, your continued help and attention to detail after the installation was incredible. Your eagerness to bring people back to touch up small issues, replace damaged cabinets, and to ensure everything was to our satisfaction was much appreciated. I imagine most companies would walk away from a project after being paid but MCK’s willingness and eagerness to ensure our complete satisfaction was above and beyond.

So thank you again for everything you did. MCK and you, in particular, will come highly recommended in the future.”

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