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MCK is proud to have been a part of beautifying Nova Scotian homes since 1989 – more than 35 years!

MCK is proud to produce & finish all our cabinetry in-house here at our production facility in Burnside, Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

Our showroom is located on Akerley Boulevard in Burnside, Nova Scotia. Our designers and installation teams travel all over the province. North Sydney, Yarmouth, Bridgewater, Halifax, and Truro are just a few places our cabinets have found a home!

There are many factors that can determine your specific timeline. The planning stage can happen as quickly as within a week to over many months, depending on the size of the space and your decisiveness in making product selections. Varying based on the time of year and order volumes, lead-times from order placement to installation are usually within 4-6 weeks. By controlling our internal processes and using dedicated MCK installers, we’re proud to offer one of the quickest turnaround times for cabinetry in the region! The initial installation for most kitchens, depending on the size of the project, takes between 1-2 days. Stone countertop timelines usually range between 3-4 weeks from templating after cabinetry installation to installation of the new tops. Your designer will be happy to answer any questions you have about timelines and what to expect throughout the process.

MCK proudly offers a 10-year warranty for all cabinetry installed by our team. The functional hardware in your MCK cabinets carry a separate lifetime warranty provided by the hardware manufacturer directly.

There is no charge to receive an in-home measure and/or estimate from MCK.

Due to the number of variables and complexity of pricing a room of cabinetry, we are not able to provide this – we would have to tell you something like “anywhere between $250-$800 per running foot, depending on your selections”, which would not be helpful. Our designers can turn a quote around very quickly once we have your plan and have discussed your needs and wants, so please reach out to us for an accurate pricing estimate.

MCK does not sell or install appliances or plumbing fixtures. We do offer Bristol sinks & faucets to accompany your new kitchen or bathroom cabinetry.

MCK does not sell or install laminate countertops unless we have also provided and installed new cabinetry to accompany it. We’d be happy to direct you to a capable team who can help you!

In most cases, absolutely! The only circumstances in which we may not is when the cabinetry was not supplied by us and requires modification or reinforcement to accommodate the new tops. Please contact one of our designers for more information. 

MCK does not currently retail hardware items from our showroom. We’d be happy to direct you to a retailer who can help you! 

MCK does not currently offer re-facing services. One of our talented designers would be happy to meet with you and discuss why all-new cabinetry is a better investment in your home.

Absolutely! When purchasing new cabinetry from MCK, you may add tear-out services for a small additional fee. Please ask your designer for more information regarding tear-out services.

MCK specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of new cabinetry. We do not provide plumbing, electrical, or general contracting services, but we’d be happy to recommend some tradespeople we’re fond of!

MCK will add cabinetry to existing MCK projects. We will not add to or modify projects from other manufacturers, unless the new items do not need to be integrated with existing cabinetry, such as a new island, free-standing pantry, etc.