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Do NOT paint your kitchen cabinets before you sell…

Often touted as a quick fix, most home owners are ill equipped to tackle this challenging home improvement.

Kitchens take a lot of abuse and a quick coat of paint is not likely to survive your first open house. Keep in mind, all your existing cabinet surfaces were engineered to repeal stains and clean-up easily. To get a new finish to even stick to a wood based cabinet will take several days of prep work including; using harsh chemical degreasers, hand sanding all those nooks and crannies, and removing and installing all the hardware components. The more recent polymer covered doors and edging options are not designed to be painted at all.

At MCK Kitchen & Baths, we use high-end commercial grade spray equipment to apply catalyzed lacquers in a safe and dust-free environment. Even then, we can still run into the occasional issue on perfectly clean and smooth cabinet components. Your can of latex and a paint brush will not convey the level of confidence you want in a potential buyer.

However, a new kitchen in an appealing neutral tone is likely to pay for itself with a higher resale, more offers and less time on the market. We find our instant financing option bridges a gap for many financially stretched sellers who simply pay off the kitchen completely (with no penalties) once the home sells. They also liked our simple design process, quick and reliable install times and that we transfer all our cabinet warranties to the new home owner.

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