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Finishing a kitchen renovation can be challenging when deciding on finishes. One thing that makes it so difficult if there are no set rules for kitchen renovations. There are as many options out there as there are opinions. Every kitchen renovation is different, but fortunately there are some guid lines that can help the make the decision making a little less daunting and make kitchen renovations in general a little bit easier of a process. Here are some professional tips when choosing kitchen materials for your kitchenrenovations in for your Halifax home.

Countertops for you Kitchen Renovations

First, start with your countertops. This is the single biggest item of texture and color in your kitchen. Decide what you think looks best for for your countertops. Popular choices that tend to suit a lot of different options are choosing countertops that are either stainless steel, natural wood, or zinc. Large slaps of stone will create a smooth surface that is easy to clean and will also minimize grout lines.

kitchen renovation in Halifax Nova Scotia

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Halifax kitchen renovations countertop selection

As well, for your kitchen renovation in Halifax or Dartmouth, stick with a countertop with slight variations between your pantry or island, for simplicity and consistency.

cabinet selection

Next, Focus on your kitchen cabinets for your kitchen renovations. Cabinets are what end up really sticking out as they are at eye level and are often the first thing you see when entering your Halifax Kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet materials and colors

Keep your kitchen cabinet materials as natural as possible. Wood, marble or slate are popular choices. It is reccomened to stick to a small palette of materials. Three or four materials work best for your kitchen renovations in Halifax or Dartmouth. If you want your kitchen to feel open and spacious choose light colors for your cabinets. If you wish to choose more materials for your cabinets or as accents in your kitchen, use them in small dozes to create visual depth, but be sure not to over complicate the overall look of your kitchen, making it too busy in a negative way.

Finally, for the bet results for your kitchen renovations in Halifax and Dartmouth, use additional finishes to bring the space together. For example, if the countertops are rich and dark, choose a lighter backsplash. A beautiful approach is having a monochromatic look. However, things can get to busy if your countertops are already visually active or stimulating. In general, choose a backsplash that contrasts with your countertop and kitchen cabinets.

kitchen renovation styles in Halifax Nova Scotia

kitchen renovations in Halifax Nova Scotia

Kitchen Renovations Floor Choices

Floors are usually chosen based on surrounding rooms in the house. Just make sure the colors do not clash with your kitchen renovation for your Halifax or Dartmouth home.

Kitchen Renovations - Lighting choices

Small accents to consider that can bring your kitchen renovations together are lighting, fixtures, stools and hardware. These tings can tie together your kitchen renovations. Kitchens with numerous materials require a lot of finess and always remember that less is more. Contact us today for a free consultation over the phone, leave a message for general inquires, or fill out a quick form regarding your kitchen cabinets project.

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