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Halifax Kitchen Renovations Design for Social Settings

Who wants to be the cook stuck alone in the kitchen listening to everyone socializing and having a good time in a completely different room? Kitchens today are multi-use space that are used for far more than just cooking. Although recent trends have moved the eating space from the separate dining room right into the kitchen, there are even more options available during kitchen renovations to creating a kitchen that is a social space. If you have a lot of social functions or a family that considers the kitchen the meeting place of the home, you might want to create a social space during your kitchen renovation. Here are some common ways to make your Halifax kitchen a more social and engaging room in your home:

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1.Go Open Kitchen Concept

One of the easiest ways to create a social space during your Halifax kitchen renovations is by opening up your kitchen. Use half walls and arches to create sectioned areas for cooking, but leave the space as open as possible. This allows for people to gather, talk and socialize in the kitchen while you cook. This design also allows for opportunity to merge the kitchen with an adjoining room such as the living room or TV room. This creates a larger seating area and entertainment area that is still close enough to the kitchen for social interaction.

2. Add a large multi-functional kitchen island

2. Add a large multi-functional island: An island is a must for your social Halifax kitchen space. When designing your Halifax kitchen renovations, choose an island as large as possible. Then, create a multi-functional space for the island that includes kitchen preparation, seating and a snack station. This allows people to sit or stand, and have snacks while they socialize. If you have a family or kids, the snack station and setting area will become a place of gathering before, during and after you cook.

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3. Add technology to your kitchen

One of the newest trends in kitchen renovations is the integration of technology. Music stations and charging stations for devices that are easily accessible leads to a more social space.

4. Lighting for your renovation

During your Halifax kitchen renovations you will have many options for built-in lighting. Use lighting throughout your kitchen as a way to create a more inviting and social space.

5. Seating Options

Depending on the space, your Halifax kitchen renovations should include as much seating options as possible. Barstools are a great choice, but so is an eating area and even more formal seating choices such as loungers and chairs. By giving more choices people will see the kitchen area as a comfortable area to hang out.

6. Access to Outdoors

Halifax Kitchen renovations are where its at! This may be the time to create an area for easy access from the kitchen into the outdoors. An access point in the kitchen to an outdoor deck, garden or cooking area will increase the interaction and social space of the kitchen.

Your home renovation is a time to update your kitchen and create a better space. Contact MCK today for the best Halifax Kitchen Renovations around! If you want a more social kitchen, use these ideas as you design your kitchen renovation.


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