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Designer FAQ

1.)   Do you have a ‘running-foot’ price for your kitchens?

No. There are simply too many variables to be able to provide this in a way that would be helpful or meaningful. We would have to tell you something like ‘Anywhere between $250 and $800 per running foot, depending what you want.' It does not take us long to come up with a price once we have your plan and discuss what you need and want. Please contact one of our designers for help with this.

2.)   Can I buy hardware (handles and knobs) from you?

MCK doesn’t retail hardware, doors or other parts from our showrooms. Depending on your need, we might be able to direct you to a retailer who could help you.

3.)   I need to remove a wall, change my flooring and move some pipes and electrical outlets. Do you provide this service?

While MCK does not provide these services, we would be happy to provide contact information for contractors who do. While we cannot, in any way, guarantee their workmanship, we do have a working relationship with them limited to the fact that we have worked with them in the past and are comfortable that they will treat our clients fairly and professionally.

4.)   I just want to change my cabinet doors. Do you do that?

No, MCK does not re-face cabinets. We are in the business of providing new cabinetry and we feel we do this very well. Re-facing is a very different approach and one that we prefer not to do.

5.)   I want to add cabinets to my existing kitchen. Do you do that?

While we would be happy to add cabinets to your MCK kitchen, we don’t add on to other manufacturer’s kitchens. We can add islands or free-standing pantries provided they do not have to be integrated with existing cabinetry. Every manufacturer has its own cabinet dimensions, stains etc. Even though we might be able to match your cabinets, there is the chance of damaging and having to replace something we did not originally supply.

6.)   Do you do bathrooms?

We would be happy to supply and install your new bathroom cabinets and counter-tops.

7.)   Will you remove my old cabinets?

Absolutely, provided we are supplying and installing your new kitchen. There is a fee for doing so, depending on the nature of the job. Please contact one of our designers for more information.

8.)   Do you charge to come to my house to give me an estimate?

No. We do not charge for our quotes whether you come to us or we come to you.

9.)   I want to change my existing counter top to Quartz, Granite or Corian®. Do you do that?

Absolutely! At least in most cases. The only instances we might choose not to, is if your cabinetry was not supplied by us and requires substantial modification or re-enforcement to accomodate the new top. For example, if you have wall cabinets that come down and rest on your countertop, the new top might be thicker and require modification to those cabinets. If we feel that there is a possibility of damaging anything that we might not be able to readily repair, we could decide not to do so. The other instance is if the distance to your location does not make it feasible to do. Please contact one of our designers for more information.

10.)   How long have you been in business?

MCK is proud to have been in business 27 years!

11.)   Do you sell appliances?

No, MCK does not sell or install appliances. We leave that to the appliance experts and your electrician. It is especially important to be aware of this when including an over-the range microwave or wall oven in your kitchen.

12.)   Do you sell Plumbing Fixtures?

Well... Yes and No. Mostly No. MCK does not generally sell plumbing fixtures (eg. Sinks, Tubs, Showers, Faucets) with two exceptions. We do offer corian sinks with the purchase of Corian® tops and we do offer a line of stainless steel sinks with our granite and quartz products. We leave the rest to the plumbing experts.

13.)   Does my floor go down before or after the cabinets?

In most cases it is best (and easiest) if the floor goes down first. The exception to this is laminate flooring that needs to ‘float’. It has a small space around the perimeter to allow it to expand and contract. Because of this, the cabinets must not sit on top of the flooring. Special provision is made when we install the cabinets to ensure the space is not visible between the flooring and the cabinets.

14.)   I want to change my laminate counter top. Do you do that?

MCK doesn’t sell or install post-formed laminate tops if we are not installing the kitchen too. We would be happy to direct you to someone who does.


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