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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas in Halifax

dark brown kitchen cabinets in Halifax Nova Scotia

If you’re tired of looking at your mint green plastic laminate countertop, are becoming frustrated with washing the wall behind your stove or just feel your old-fashioned kitchen is time to go, there are infinite possibilities! Today’s kitchen design options and selections have everything you can think of to modernize and update an outdated kitchen. Remodelling a kitchen is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, enhance functionality in your kitchen and create a space that you will love to cook in. There are many designs to modernize your kitchen, this blog explores some modern design ideas to update and revise your kitchen.

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1. The Backsplash.

Originally backsplashes were generally only found in commercial kitchens. But the function of the backsplash quickly became important design options for household kitchens, protecting kitchen walls from splashes of water and grease. One of the best ways to update and modernize any kitchen is to install a modern backsplash. Today’s backsplashes offer much more selection in colour, material and design. Tiles are still often used in modern backsplashes, but the colour and design capabilities can add a modern feel. The texture and shape of the tiles has also expanded with modern ideas including circles, subway tile and other geometrical shapes. A simple way to modernize a backsplash is to consider some of the many different modern materials used in backsplashes such as glass, metal, metallics and wood.

2. The Countertop.

Just like the backsplash, the colour options, design and materials of modern countertops have expanded. Granite and quartz countertops continue to be popular choices and the colours, patterns and selections continue to improve. For the modern kitchen, choosing a counter top that is fresh and innovative usually involves choosing a countertop made out of an innovative material. Some of the most modern countertops today are made out of soap stone, wood, cork and concrete.

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3. The Cabinets.

If you’re remodelling your kitchen you want to make sure you’re installing quality countertops. But the modern kitchen no longer equates quality with uninteresting oak finishes. Today’s cabinetry partners quality with innovation. Modern kitchen cabinetry includes a selection of colours and patterns, innovative lines and geometrics and a variety of materials. Modern kitchen cabinetry also includes the addition of other materials like stainless steel. Creating a look that is both functional and innovative. Lacquered cabinets have also become popular, offering a clean but sleek look. Minimalist designs including floating shelves have also become popular.

4. Lightning.

Including integrated lightning into your kitchen can create a modern look as well as brighten the kitchen. From pendants to chandeliers, to orbs, modern kitchen lightning designs are endless. Lightning isn’t just for over the table any more. Today’s modern kitchens have lightning integrated throughout the entire kitchen design including under cabinetry, inside cabinetry and track lightning. By choosing lightning that matches your kitchen design and colours you can create a bright, modern look for your kitchen.

wood kitchen cabinets in Halifax Nova Scotia

dark brown kitchen cabinets in Halifax Nova Scotia

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