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Halifax Kitchen Renovations

Halifax Kitchen Reno Ideas

Posted on 2-November-2016 | Category: Kitchens Renovations

We are a family-owned and operated business that specializes in Kitchen Renovations in Halifax Nova Scotia. Get your next kitchen reno with MCK!
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Kitchen Renovations in Halifax Nova Scotia

Kitchen Renovations in Halifax

Posted on 15-October-2016 | Category: Kitchens

See why MCK is the best choice around the province for kitchen renovations, from Halifax and Dartmouth to Truro and beyond! Get your next kitchen renovations with MCK!
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MCK small Kitchen Renovations in Halifax and Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Small Kitchen Renovations

Posted on 5-june-2016 | Category: Kitchens

Finishing a kitchen renovation for a small kitchen can be a wonderus and exciting thing. One thing that makes it so difficult if there are no set rules for small kitchen renovation, but we do have some tips for you!.
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Kitchen Renovations in  Halifax and Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Kitchen Renovation Things to Consider

Posted on 1-june-2016 | Category: Kitchens

Finishing a kitchen renovation can be challenging when deciding on finishes. One thing that makes it so difficult if there are no set rules for kitchen renovations.
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black kitchen cabinets in Halifax Nova Scotia

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Options

Posted on 23-April-2016 | Category: Cabinets

As trends in Kitchen cabinet design change, the black and white palette remains timeless. Having dark or black kitchen cabinets is all about high contrast
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grey kitchen cabinets in Halifax Nova Scotia

White and Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on 16-April-2016 | Category: Kitchens

More and more people are beginning to paint their cabinets various shades of grey. With a blend of wood stain and hues of grey, one can create beautiful kitchen cabinets to accent many styles of countertops, sinks, floors and accessories.
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Closeup of woman cleaning countertop

Cleaning your kitchen countertop

Posted on 20-Nov-2015 | Category: Kitchens

Kitchens are one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. Food preparation, quick clean ups, the days mess – all happen and most frequently on our countertops. Regardless if your countertops are made from granite, laminate, or any other material, they should be able to withstand all spills.
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Modern kitchen in chrome and grey

Some of 2015's kitchen trends

Posted on 02-Oct-2015 | Category: Kitchens

Kitchens are the heart of many homes and like our personal style, we want it to reflect us while staying current and fresh. Here are a few of the common trends sweeping the industry to help keep your style, and your kitchen on trend.
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Modern kitchen in chrome and grey

Find the Right Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Posted on 09-Feb-2015 | Category: Kitchens

Does your kitchen need an update? As our homes age, our needs change as well. Maybe you want to remodel your home to enjoy a more comfortable life. Or maybe you want to increase the home's value for a resale. If you are considering a new kitchen, you should start with thinking about your kitchen cabinets.
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Modern kitchen in chrome and grey

Remodelling Solutions for Common Kitchen Complaints

Posted on 01-Dec-2014 | Category: Kitchens

Feeling cramped in your tiny kitchen? Embarrassed to host a dinner party at your house? Frustrated with outdated appliances? It’s time to make a change.
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Modern kitchen in chrome and grey

How Can I Make My Brass Faucets Shine?

Posted on 17-Jul-2014 | Category: Hardware

When brass loses its dazzle, it appears dull and sometimes even decayed. But the good news is, that corroded look is only temporary. You just need some effective tips to take care of your brass faucets so they gleam and sparkle once again.
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Modern kitchen in chrome and grey

How to Install a Countertop

Posted on 17-Jul-2014 | Category: Counter Tops

Are you a jack-of-all-trades? When it comes to kitchen remodeling, do you strap on the tool belt and prefer to handle business yourself? Most DIY results are sweat-filled triumphs . . . until it comes to replacing your countertop.
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" I would like to send a thank-you for my wonderful kitchen renos done by your company. It was a pleasure to work with Wendy Gay. She is very professional, friendly and skilled at her job. She visited our home several times to ensure our renos would suit our wants and needs. We have dealt with many contractors and trades people as we have been fully renovating our home. Wendy, by far, has been the best person we have worked with! She should be recognized for her excellent customer service and professionalism. Thanks again for making this process a very positive experience. Our kitchen is beautiful!"
- Amy Laplante & Charlie Walsh

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